SME in India (also Globally) is one of the fastest growing market.  Information Technology (IT) plays an important role in growth of any  SME.  To improve the productivity & performance to cope up with the highly competitive global environment  , it is inevitable to have a right ERP for any SMEs. 

The ideal way to select and implement an ERP should be as follow:

* Set the expectations right.
* Do the due diligence.
* Do the planning.
* Select the right implementation - On Cloud or On Premise.
* Set aside the right Budget.
* Select the right software & the vendor

The last point " Select the right software & the vendor "   being the most important let us discuss this in detail.  
Deloitte and Touch surveyed hundreds of companies who had purchased a new ERP system; D&T separated out the respondents’ criteria into first time and second time purchasers to determine if experience changed purchasing criteria.    In this article Top ten criteria for selecting ERP software are mentioned. These criteria include : 

* Level of support from the solution provider 
* Vendor’s track record of performance 
* Software’s ability to fit the business 
* Growth potential of software 
* Price of the software 
* Quality of documentation 
* Functionality of the software 
* Ease of use
* Ease of implementation of the new system 
* Software works with existing hardware 

The full article is available at :

In my subsequent articles, I will cover this topic in detail - How to select an ERP? 

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yes it is possible to track vendors record. But in perception how could one be suitable for software ability inept.


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